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“Emma Boa-Durgammah does a masterful job in helping us discern our God-given creativity that is as unique as our fingerprint and points the way to the journey of discovery, discipline and destiny. This is a must-read book that will unleash your creativity! Get ready for an amazing ride!” 

— Danell Perkins, Senior Pastor, Rise Community Church

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“In a world where ‘innovation’ has become a catchphrase or even maxim, Boa-Durgammah shows how God’s gifts of creativity and innovation are inextricably linked! God’s gifts of imagination and creativity, intentionally nurtured, greatly transform the human experience, and enable us to be all that God has created us to be.” 

— Robin Portman, Executive Vice President for Corporate Growth, Booz Allen Hamilton (Retired); Former CEO and Board Chair, Atlas Research

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“From the first page of the Introduction, Emma Boa- Durgammah presents Creativity in Us as a sacred invitation to live as co-creators with God. Being creative is a choice not reserved solely for those in the performing arts. No, creativity is for everyone regardless of vocation. Readers will quickly experience the author as a caring friend and confidant whose insights come from personal experience, purposeful study, and intentional collaboration. After reading each chapter, you will find yourself saying, ‘I can do this!’ Read the entire book and you will know that creativity is a divine call not to be ignored.” 

— Dr. Kwasi Kena, Associate Professor of Ethnic and Multicultural Ministries, Wesley Seminary; Musician; Composer; Bible Story Performer

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“Over two decades, I have watched Emma grow from a woman who simply loved and participated in the creative arts, to a Christ-centered leader who leverages creativity in every endeavor. As an entrepreneur, scholar, author, artist, and mentor, Emma shows us how harnessing our God-given creativity creates a life where possibilities are limitless.

Through Emma’s book, I was called to rediscover the creativity that I feared had died inside of me. I left a secure, prestigious, and well-paying job to embrace my own God-given creative gifts as an entrepreneur. I have repeatedly turned to Emma’s book for tactical and spiritual guidance as I navigate a new chapter. Every time I read it, I leave inspired and uplifted.

This book is a must-read for all who feel, ‘there has to be more.’ What a gift and blessing to have Emma as our guide as we use creativity to reach our highest potential.” 

— Kristy Siefkin, Executive Communications Coach and President of Kristy Siefkin Communications; Former journalist for CBS, Fox, Discovery, Animal Planet

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“I could not put down Creativity in Us!!! Emma Boa- Durgammah masterfully captures her readers with personal anecdotes and practical next steps. I am a medical professional who was convinced that I was not creative. However, this book has challenged me to engage in discovering my God-given creativity. More importantly, it has helped me realize the need

to explore and encourage creativity in my children.” 

— Dr. Feben Mobley, MD FACP, Internal Medicine


Creativity in Us: Unleash the Power of GOD-Given Creativity!

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About Creativity in Us, LLC & Author, Emma Boa-Durgammah


Encourage and empower anyone who has experienced being unmotivated, uninspired, bored and relay that CHRIST can help transition us to being excited, fueled, driven, and an inspiration for others.

Provide tools to help people discover the layers of unique and creative gifts GOD gave them.

Embolden people to unapologetically and with urgency share their gifts with others as the LORD leads.


Everyone discovers the GOD-Given creativity GOD posited in them and uses it for the spread of the Gospel under His Leading.


Boa-Durgammah in her book, provides real-life, tangible ways for anyone to identify where creativity exists within them, how to access it, and how to use it while learning to live a fulfilled life.


GOD-Given creativity can be utilized in more places and vocations than imaginable, but to benefit we must be willing to shift our mindsets and habits.


After being discouraged at an early age from pursuing music as a career because it would not “pay the bills,” Boa-Durgammah was given the opportunity to revisit her passion and decided to share her journey authentically and practically for anyone seeking to live life to the fullest.




My personal experiences of having creativity take a back seat to others’ expectations, their dismissal of my gifts and passions, grief, and challenges in life, ultimately motivated me to write the book Creativity in Us: Unleash the Power of GOD-Given Creativity.


The most important driving factor for writing my book is my relationship with CHRIST who helped me to reflect on my life without self-condemnation or criticism and understand that the creativity He gave me was an instrumental gift designed to live a fulfilled life and overcome challenges, including periods of stagnancy when being held back or dismissed. It is my deepest desire for more to come to know Him at a deeper level or for the first time and experience the freedom, empowerment, and unconditional love He provides, especially through GOD-Given creativity.


Readers will learn how to get unstuck from feeling unmotivated, uninspired, bored and transition to being excited, fueled, driven, and an inspiration for others. Readers who partake in this journey and use the tools provided in the book will have an opportunity to discover the layers of unique and creative gifts GOD gave them. Readers will be emboldened to unapologetically and with urgency share their gifts with others as the LORD leads.

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